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Huawei ETP48150-A3 Embedded Power System Datasheet

Huawei ETP48150-A3 Embedded Power System Datasheet

ETP48150-A3 is an AC/DC embedded power system with excellent performance such as high power efficiency, intelligent battery management, remote management, wide range of AC input voltage, etc. The system can configure 1U 15A/30A high rectifier modules, and provides 150A rated current output. ETP48150-A3 can be embedded in 19-inch rack or cabinet.

Wide range of AC input voltage from 85 Vac to 300 Vac

Wide operation temperature range of rectifier from – 40℃ to 75℃


Standard structure design, adapt 19/21 inch installation

Compact design(only 3U in height), saving user space

High rectifier efficiency over 96% helps to save energy

Excellent rectifier dormancy function increases system efficiency

Intelligent battery management and protection help to prolong battery lifespan 

Support environmental signal monitoring and remote management through dry contact, serial interface or Ethernet interface



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