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UGA: "You Get What You Request."

UGAMAT is a technical service-oriented company that specializes in maintaining and selling industrial power supplies. It primarily provides maintenance services for professional power supply equipment, communication power supply equipment, and UPS power supplies. The company has been repairing and operating power supply equipment and communication power supply equipment for over 15 years. UGAMAT's main services include professional monitoring, communication power supply module maintenance, application, and equipment transformation for well-known brands such as Emerson, Vertiv, Huawei, ZTE, Eltek, Eaton, Dpc, and Delta power supply modules. It also provides maintenance services for other reputable power supply equipment brands.

UGAMAT has a technical team with extensive practical experience and strong professional skills. They have expertise in repairing power supply modules, communication power modules, embedded power systems, cabinet power systems, and UPS power supplies from various brands with advanced technology. More than 90% of engineers hold training certificates from communication equipment providers for major power supply equipment, enabling them to quickly analyze and eliminate system or equipment failures. Additionally, they can develop power equipment and modules and optimize and technically transform users' system equipment. UGAMAT is considered one of the most professional and best maintenance companies. They also have senior electrical engineers who provide industrial power system planning and design, equipment installation and commissioning for various industries. UGAMAT provides customers with the most satisfactory solutions for maintenance services and technical support, making their service well received by customers.

UGAMAT welcomes customers to inquire about electric power supply maintenance, electric equipment transformation, and other related businesses. They are committed to providing users with the most personalized service.



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