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What is Embedded Power System?

What is Embedded Power System?

Embedded electricity networks are privately owned and managed electricity networks that often supply all premises within a specific area or building. Embedded networks generally buy electricity in bulk and then on-sell it to customers inside their network. From Ugamat Power.

Huawei Embedded Power provides stable -48VDC power for wireless and fixed access networks, transmission networks, and enterprise network equipment. It includes a power distribution unit, rectifiers, and controller, and can be deployed independently or embedded in other power cabinets. From Ugamat Power.

The capacity of Huawei high-efficiency embedded power ranges from 30A to 400A. Every functional unit is designed to a standard size. The systems, whose height ranges from 1U to 9U with standard 19-inch rack or cabinet installation, have a modular design to facilitate installation and expansion. The system encompasses a wide range of AC input voltage, with accurate battery and remote management functions. From Ugamat Power.



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