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Wholesale original brand and second hand Solar Power Module Huawei S4850G1

Huawei S4850G1 is a DC/DC conversion module that has the maximum power point track(MPPT) function and provides 48 V DC outputs. It tracks the highest solar power point based on the output features of PV modules to maximize the use of solar energy.

Operating voltage: 58 V DC-150 V DC

Maximum input current: 45A

Maximum input power: 3100W

Output voltage: 43.2 V DC-58 V DC (Rated voltage:53.5 V DC)

Maximum input current: 52A (Rated output current: 50A)

Maximum output power: 3000W

Apply to Huawei Embedded Power System ETP48400-C4A1.

No previous NEXT:Eermson R48-3000E3



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