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DPC DUMB-48/50H Wall-Mounted Power Supply

Dpc Dynamic Power DUMB-48/50H DC Power System


Dpc Dynamic Power Dzy 48/50h I DC Power System Rectifier supply

DUMB-48/50H wall-mounted power system is compact and intelligent power system containing up to 6 nos. DZY (50H) series rectifiers, controller, LVD, AC&DC distribution units, with special protection measures ensure the system operating in weak power grid environment well, to satisfy limited room applications.

Wireless communication 
Broadband and network access 
Satellite communication ground station 
3G/4G/5G base station
Telecom roadside cabinets

Technical Specifications
AC Input Voltage     1 phase three wire 90 ~ 300VAC;
Frequency     45 ~ 55Hz;
Power Factor       ≥ 0.99
Efficiency             ≥ 92% rated,
DC Output Voltage     -48V(nominal);
OutputVoltage Range       -42V ~ -58V;
Output Current           300Aultimate capacity
Peak-peak noise         ≤ 200mV;
Psophometric noise       ≤ 2.0mV
Audible noise       ≤ 55dBDC
Rectifier       DZY-48/50H
Controller Model:                DKD31; LCD display panel4 buttons
Alarms Relays         8 relays
Operating temp.        -5 to +55° C
Storage temp.              -40 to +70° C
Relative humidity     < 90%, no condensing
Atmospheric pressure   70KPa~106KPa




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