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Eaton DC Power Solutions APR48-ES Energy Saver Rectifier

Eaton DC Power Solutions APR48-ES Energy Saver Rectifier


Eaton DC Power Solutions

APR48-ES Energy Saver Rectifier

The Eaton APR48-ES Energy Saver Rectifier is designed for communications network operators who are striving to cut energy costs across the network through greater operating efficiency, and/or to meet aggressive carbon footprint reduction targets.

Operating with over 96% efficiency, it produces at least 50% less waste energy than most other modern rectifiers, and with potentially greater savings over even older infrastructure.

The 2kW Energy Saver Rectifier is suitable for powering access applications within a telecom network such as a cellular base stations, customer premises equipment and road-side cabinet installations.

This rectifier features intelligent digital signal processing for enhanced control, producing peak efficiency of more than 96% for typical operating loads, while also maintaining a very the high minimum operating efficiency of greater than 95%, over an extensive range of loads (from 30% to 100% of the 2kW capacity). Achieving very high energy-saving efficiency levels is further ensured as it also operates with Load Based Rectifier Shutdown (LBRS) which can automatically control the average load per rectifier to the optimum range - is applicable to larger systems.

Power density of the Energy Saver Rectifier is very high with 2kW per rectifier and up to 6kW per 1U of rack space - sideways configuration, or 20kW in 3U for vertical configuration in a 19” rack. It also suits limited space situations like ETSI cabinets, with a depth of less than 300mm.

The Energy Saver Rectifier is fully compatible with existing Eaton 3G systems and it is one of the easiest rectifiers to use, with a simple plug-and-go insertion. It operates under a wide range of AC power conditions and temperatures at up to 70°C (158°F).




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