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Eltek 241115.205 Rectifier Flatpack2 24V/1800W HE

Eltek Rectifier Module 241115.205
Flatpack2 24V/1800W HE
Flatpack2 24/1800 HE


Flatpack2 24V/1800W HE Eltek 241115.205 Rectifier Module

The combination of innovative design, efficiency and reliability makes the Flatpack2 HE stand out.

Compared to older technologies with even poorer efficiency an investment in a Flatpack2 HE system is repaid in a few years by the reduced operating cost.

Reliable high efficiency rectifier for industrial applications

The Flatpack2 modular concept has a lot of benefits compared to traditional solutions in the industry. It has high efficiency; less power consumption and heat dissipation. The overall Size and footprint of cabinet is 50% of Thyristor Controlled Size. Modular Hot Plug-in Construction allows redundancy, n+1, n+2 configurations.

It's easy to do repairing with MTTR< 5 minutes.Very high MTBF > 350000 hours, wide input AC Voltage and frequency range.Possibility to build combined systems with rectifiers, DC/DC converters and inverters controlled by one controller.


Voltage AC (operating range): 85 - 300 VAC

Voltage DC (operating range): 85 - 300 VDC

DC Output

Max Power: 1800 W

Voltage (adjustable range): 21,7 - 28,8 VDC

Current (maximum): 75 ADC

Max voltage: 28,8 VDC

Dimensions WxHxD (mm): 109 x 41,5 x 327 mm

Dimensions WxHxD (inch): 4,29 x 1,63 x 12,78 "

Weight: 1,95 kg

If you need any further assistance and other module numbers, please let me know.

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