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Eltek Controller 242100.415 Smartpack S PANEL

Eltek Controller 242100.415 Smartpack S PANEL


Wholesale Original Eltek Controller 242100.415 Smartpack S PANEL


The Smartpack S covers all control and monitoring needs of small to medium telecom and industrial DC power systems. Status and configuration is fully available through the display locally, or through the Ethernet plug both remote or locally. Designed for the Flatpack S and Flatpack2 system platform, the Smartpack S finds its way into many applications.
New features and look on a well-tested control platform
Smartpack2 is built on the proven software platform that is used in Smartpack, making it reliable and robust. Increased program memory and new hardware allows for more features and improved user interface. The new modular distributed control system simplifies connections.
Power solutions
Eltek's power solutions are based on industry leading building blocks, fully integrated into coherent, complete and flexible solutions with one single Smartpack controller overlooking all energy sources, flow and storage. The entire installation is easily and efficiently monitored and controlled over the Internet by means of advanced, yet user friendly software.
Simplifies operation in large multisite systems
Smartpack2 offers many off-site benefits if it is connected to the internet. View the system status, change parameters and receive alarms at a multisite management center. Use features such as battery lifetime estimations, fuel consumption through tank level measurement and generator runtime, to plan for site service. Use the energy logs to document the amount of renewable energy used, and to plan for site upgrades.




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