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Eltek Controller Smartpack Extended 242100.100

Eltek Controller 242100.110 Smartpack Extended


Wholesale Original Eltek Controller 242100.100 Smartpack Extended

The Smartpack controller is a powerful and cost-effective module, developed for monitoring and controlling a wide range of Eltek Valere's DC power supply systems, such as Powerpack, Flatpack2 and Minipack DC power systems. You can also operate the system locally via a PC using the PowerSuite PC application, or remotely via modem, Ethernet and the Web. The module then utilizes the USB- or RS-232 ports to interface with a local PC, SNMP or Web adapters.
Key Features 
Front panel LCD and buttons for on-site service without PC. (Not on Basic Slave model)
USB- or RS-232 interface for PC connection locally or remote monitoring and control via modem, Ethernet, web or SNMP. 
6/2 user programmable relay outputs for traditional remote monitoring 
6/2 user programmable inputs for monitoring of other equipment on site  
Battery monitoring and testing without site attendance ü Temperature compensated charging for increased battery lifetime  
Battery lifetime indication
Password protected operator access levels
Alarm/event log with time and date 
Windows-based PC communication software




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