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Emerson S48-3000 Solar Module

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Solar Converter S48-3000

Emerson S48-3000 48V 3000W MPPT Solar Converter Rectifier Module

The Solar Converter from Emerson Network Power brings reliability and high conversion efficiency to solar panel energy sources in telecommunications networks.

The 3000W Solar Converter (S48-3000) from Emerson Network Power is designed to convert energy from solar panels into regulated -48VDC for telecom applications. The converter operates in MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) mode, enabling maximum power extraction from the solar panels throughout the day. The S48-3000 converter is used as an integral part of Emerson Network Power hybrid power systems for telecom applications. From Ugamat Power.

The Solar Converter provides energy from solar panels to telecom sites in the access and transmission network. Together with other energy sources (such as battery, diesel generator and wind turbine), the S48-3000 converter contributes to a reliable supply of energy. The high conversion efficiency and ability to accurately track the MPP (Maximum Power Point) will contribute to optimal utilization of the installed solar panel array.




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