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Huawei Cabinet TP48300D Power System

Huawei Cabinet TP48300D Power System


Huawei 48V 300A high frequency communication power Huawei Cabinet TP48300D Power System

Huawei TP483000D is the first all-digital large-capacity telecom power system in the industry. The system consists of 1U 100A high-efficiency rectifiers. The output of the rectifier cabinet can reach 3000A, expandable up to 24000A. The system has impressive features such as high reliability, high efficiency, high power density, high capacity, low noise, and easy maintenance.

1. Monitor Unit (SMU05A)

2. 100A rectifier module (R48100G1)

3. AC distribution cabinet (TPA38401B-N20B1, TPA38631B-N20B1)

4. Rectifier cabinet (TPR48202B-N20C3, TPR48302B- N20C3)

5. DC distribution cabinet (TPD48302B-N20B1, TPD48302B-N20B1)




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