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Huawei MPW800-48A rectifier module

Huawei MPW800-48A rectifier module


Wholesale Huawei MPW800-48A Rectifier Module

MPW800-48A rectifier module (outdoor power supply) four main features

Power specification

First, Huawei AC220 to DC48V power supply mobile 4G base station equipment power supply MPW800-48 LTE-FDD power supply

Huawei AC/DC power supply Communication power 800W 48A Compatible with high voltage DC input MPW800-48A MPW800-48A

Second, MPW800-48A is an AC/DC with shell power supply, 85VAC ~ 290VAC input, compatible with high voltage 180VDC-400VDC input, -53.5V single output, the power supply has input over-voltage protection, output short-circuit protection, output Flow protection, output over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection function, safety regulations meet TUV+CE+UL certification requirements, EMC meets Class B requirements.

Working temperature: -40 to +55 oC

Working environment: altitude 0 ~ 4000 m

Heat dissipation form: natural heat dissipation Basic electrical performance

Input voltage: 85 ~ 290VAC; 45 ~ 65Hz 180 ~ 400VDC;

AC input system: single-phase three-wire input

Output pressure: -53.5V

Output power: 800W

Output efficiency: >93% 220Vac&100%max load >91% 110Vac&100%max load

Ripple noise: 200 mV Temperature coefficient: ±0.02%/°C

Capacitive load: 1000 uF

Third, the protection function: Input protection, input over-voltage, input over-current protection Output protection: over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit protection.

Over temperature protection: Yes

Communication monitoring Communication: RS485 communication

Alarm: Input power failure

Safety certificate: TUV+CE+UL EMC EMC

Rating: ClassB Lightning protection: 4KV/2KV (common mode / differential mode)

Structure: Dimensions: 390H*208W*75Dmm




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