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Huawei R4815N2 R4815N1 Rectifier Module

Huawei R4815N2 R4815N1 Rectifier Module


Wholesale Huawei Original Switching Power Huawei R4815N1 R4815N2 Rectifier Module

Huawei R4815N1 Rectifier is a fully digital rectifier module power supply, which can convert single-phase AC input voltage into stable DC output voltage. It has the characteristics of high reliability, high conversion efficiency, low noise, etc., and has perfect input protection, output protection, and soft start., Hot swap and other functions, can be connected in parallel to form a large-capacity rectifier power supply. The rectifier module adopts advanced CAN communication technology and can cooperate with the Monitoring Module to realize functions such as output voltage adjustment, remote alarm, and module sleep.




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