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Huawei R4850G6 Rectifier Module

Supply Huawei Original Switching Power R4850G6 Rectifier Module


Wholesale Huawei Original Switching Power R4850G6 Rectifier Module

Model NO.: R4850G6

Output: DC 53.5V; 25.2-56.1A

Input: ~100-240V; 50/60Hz; 17A

Power Factor: 0.99

Transport Package: Original Package

Trademark: Huawei

Origin: Guangdong, China

Production Capacity: 1000

Wholesale Used & Tested Huawei R4850G6 Rectifier Module


Intelligent monitoring, energy conservation and space-saving embedded power system

Supports a wide range of DC output from 120A to 400A

High rectifier efficiency up to 98% helps to save energy (derated output above 55°C)

Rectifier with MTBF > 500,000h helps to save OPEX

E-label function, achieving assets management of the whole site, easy for management of assets and location of quality issues

Battery anti-reversed connection function, avoids the possibility of equipment loss and personal accidents

Complete system management function, LCD visualization monitoring

Supporting multiple interfaces, convenient remote centralized management




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