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ZTE ZXD2400 V4.1 Rectifier Module

ZTE ZXD2400 V4.1 Rectifier Module


ZTE ZXD2400 V4.1 2400W 48V Rectifier Module Power Supply

ZXD2400 Rectifier V4.3 48V 3000W

The ZXD2400(V4.3) rectifier is a switching rectifier for communication DC power supply system, and its rated DC output is 53.5V/50A, complete the output conversion from AC to DC.

ZXD2400 rectifier is designed according to international standards for the working environment of small and medium-sized communication systems. Power supply for small switching equipment, microwave communication, data products, optical fiber transmission and other communication equipment.

ZTE ZXD2400 V4.2 2400W 48V Rectifier Module Supply

ZTE ZXD2400 V4.3 2400W 48V Rectifier Module Supply

Dimension134 mm×87 mm×318 mm(H×W×D)
Weight3.8 kg
Rated output current50A
Maximum output power3000W
DC output voltage

The rated output is 53.5 V (absolute value, voltage polarity is determined by connection), and the output is continuously    

adjustable from 42 v to 58 v.

Voltage stabilizing accuracy    ≤±0.6%
Working temperature-5℃ ~ +45℃
Storage temperature-40℃ ~ +70℃
Relative humidity10% ~ 90%
Altitude0 ~ 2000 m: full power output
2000 m~3000 m: for every 100 m elevation, the system will be derated by 1%.




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