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ZTE ZXDU88 S402 DC Power System

DC Power System ZTE ZXDU88 S402


Cabinet Power System ZTE ZXDU88 S402

ZTE  ZXDU88 S402 (V6.0) Distributed DC Power System -48v 6000A  ZTE Power Supply ZXDUXN U001-Main_800AH*2  ZXD5000 V6.0

ZTE 48V ZXDU88 S402 V6.0 Distributed DC Power System

ZXDU88 S402 (V6.0) system is a DC power supply system with large capacity, consisting of multiple racks and providing –48 VDC for switching equipment, data products etc. ZXD5000 rectifiers are installed in the rectifier rack (RECR), It uses advanced switching rectifier technology, with rated input three-phase AC 380VAC, and rated output power is 6kW. The rectifier peak efficiency is higher than 96.2%.

ZXDU88 combined power supply system is an intelligent high-frequency switch-mode DC power supply system developed by ZTE Corporation. Adopting ZXD5000 rectifier module, the system is designed for network applications which require compact, efficient and large capacity DC power supplies. The system consists of separate


AC distribution cabinet, DC distribution cabinet and rectifier cabinet, which allows flexible configuration in terms of capacity, power distribution and so on.




Central office

Wireless / wire network switching

Backbone transmission station

Large capacity IDC station

Other large capacity situation




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