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NetSure 801 CA7

Vertiv Large DC Power Supply System NetSure 801 CA7


Vertiv Large DC Power Supply System NetSure 801 CA7

NetSure 801 series power system is a new generation large-capacity telecommunication power system that is introduced by the Emerson Network Power company after many years of development and network operating. This power system uses digitalized dual-DSP control, active PFC, soft switch, primary clamping patented technology, and centralized cooling patented technology and is characterized by high efficiency, high power density, high reliability, ultra-low radiation, quick maintenance, and energy saving and environment friendly.


Rectifier module R48-5800A/R48-5800e 

Monitoring Module M821D 

Rectifier cabinet Rack1000-7, Rack2000-7 

AC distribution cabinet PD380/400AFH-7, PD380/630AFH-7, PD380/630AFA 

DC Distribution cabinet PD48/1600DF-7, PD48/2500DF-7 

Fittings Modem, temperature compensation cable, parallel copper bar set, top cover, and side panel 


Operating Temperature –10°C ~ +65°C (derated when the temperature is +45°C ~ +65°C) 

Relative Humidity ≤ 95% RH 


Storage Temperature 

Relative humidity for storage



Input line voltage 260 ~ 530Vac (half-load output at 260 ~ 304Vac) Input voltage frequency 45 ~ 65 Hz Power factor ≥ 0.99 Efficiency ≥ 93% Output DC voltage –42 ~ –58 Vdc Load equalization performance ≤ ±1%

AC distribution Cabinet y Intelligent design; CPU; independent operation y RS485 telecommunication interface that facilitates power supplies distribution, installation, and capacity expansion y Display of local AC voltage, current, frequency, SPD status parameters in Chinese y Audible and visual alarm reporting for local input overvoltage and under voltage, frequency anomalies, and SPD faults y Two mains inputs that can be manually or automatically switched in a safe and reliable manner y Emergency DC lighting for easy maintenance y Unlimited overhead and underground cabling for system power distribution and full front access operation in a convenient, flexible and safe manner y Safety regulations and SPD systems meet IEC standards and guarantee device and body safety. y Meeting environmental protection requirements of China and the EU




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