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ZTE ZXDU68 B201 Embedded Power System

ZTE Embedded Power System ZXDU68 B201


Embedded Power System ZTE ZXDU68 B201

ZXDU68 B201 (V2.0R10M01) is a 9U high/19-inch wide, -48v embedded dc power system with dual-channel ac input, 14-channel dc output, 4-channel ac output and high system efficiency. The maximum configuration of the system is four ZXD2400 (V4.3) or ZXD3000 (V5.1) rectifiers, which support the mixed use of efficient and general rectifier, and the maximum output current of the system is 200A.

ZXDU68 B201 Features

High efficiency rectifier
Applicable to the voltage range of 85VAC ~ 295VAC
Compatible with ZXD3000 and ZXD2000 rectifier
Support Web remote access,can be remotely managed by the computer
Support U disk batch set parameters, copy historical data
Rectifier QUY shortcut key, easy to quickly query and fault location
Dry node, RJ45,RS232, RS485, USB interface, to meet the Telnet,HTTP, FTP, SNMP network requirements
ZXDU68 B201 user experience
High power density. saving up to 50% of floor space, reducing site rental expenses
Wide input voltage range of 80~300VAC, improve battery life
-40~+70ºC operating temperature range, stronger field adaptability,save the cost of temperature control equipment
The use of high-efficiency rectifier, compared with the traditional power supply energy saving up to 10%




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