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Huawei R4850G5 Rectifier Module

Switching Power Huawei R4850G5 Rectifier Module


Wholesale Huawei Original Switching Power R4850G5 Rectifier Module

Huawei Rectifier Module R4875G5

The Huawei R4850G5 Rectifier Module is a digital rectifier with high efficiency and high power density. lt supports a wide input voltage range and provides 53.5v DC default output voltage. R4850G5 Rectifier Module provides comprehensive protection functions and supports soft start with low noise. Multiple rectifiers can be connected inparallel. With the power monitoring technology, states of the rectifier and load are monitored in real time, and the output voltage can be adjusted.


• Wide input voltage range

• Wide operating temperature range

• Low total harmonic distortion (THD)

• Full digital control

• Hot swappable

• Supports a smart electricity meter

• Supports CAN bus communication

• Supports LED alarm display

• Supports voltage adjustment, current adjustment, and current equalization

• Disconnects at above 320 V AC

• RoHS compliance

Wholesale Second Hand Used & Tested Huawei R4850G5 Rectifier Module

Part Number02310KUA
DescriptionR4850G5 2U 3000W High Efficiency Rectifier
Discount CategoryPower module
Product LineNetworking
Sub Product FamilyEnergy (For Network)
Product SeriesSpare Parts For Telecom Power
Net Dimension(D*W*H mm)250*105*83




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