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Huawei S4875G1 Solar Module

Supply Huawei Solar Power Module S4875G1


Supply Huawei Solar Power Module S4875G1

Huawei S4875G1 is a DC-DC converter that supports the maximum power point track (MPPT) function and provides 48 VDC output. It automatically enables solar cells to work at the maximum power point of the output power curves, fully utilizing solar energy.

Model Number: S4875G1

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Brand Name: Huawei

In stock: Yes

Warranty: One year

Operating voltage: 58 VDC-150 VDC

Maximum input current: 58A

Output voltage: 42 VDC-58 VDC Rated voltage: 53.5 VDC

Efficiency: Up to 98.2%

Maximum output current: 75A

Rated output current: 62A

Maximum output power: 4013W




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