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Vertiv NetSure 531 A31-S3

Vertiv Power System NetSure 531 A31-S3


Vertiv 48V DC power system Subrack NetSure 531 A31-S3 Embedded Power System

Original Emerson DC 48V Embedded Network Power System NetSure 531 A31-S3

Vertiv NetSure 531 A31-S3 series from Vertiv is a fully-integrated DC power system consisting of a rectifier and controller that provides maximum e iciency for mobile communication applications such as LTE and FTTx deployments or macro stations. It is designed to meet the high-e iciency demands of mobile applications, with high reliability, high power density, and fully digital features. The built-in high efficiency R48-2000e3 rectifier also provides an ultra high e iciency of up to 96%, significantly improving the energy e iciency. 




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