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ZTE ZXDU58 T301 Cabinet Power System

ZTE ZXDU58 T301 Cabinet Power System


Wholesale Cabinet Power System ZTE ZXDU58 T301

ZXDU58 T301 rectifier system adopts 30A rectifiers. It includes an integral AC and DC distribution with flexible combination of circuit breakers, monitoring unit and rectifiers. The maximum configured capacity is 300A (18kW) with 10 rectifier modules.  

Rectifier efficiency is up to 94%

Wide operating temperature of rectifier modules range from -40 to 70°C

Wide input voltage range from 80 to 300Vac

THD is less than 2.8%

Space efficient cabinet with 400mm depth

Front access design

User experience

Low power consumption, reduce electricity expense up to 8%

Compact structure and front access design, save space up to 50%

-40~+70℃ working temperature range, saving temperature control system power consumption

80~300Vac input voltage range, strong grid adaptability and prolong battery lifespan 




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