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ZTE ZXDU68 B301 Embedded Power System

ZTE Embedded Power System ZXDU68 B301


Embedded Power System ZTE ZXDU68 B301

ZXDU68 B301 V5.0 ZTE embedded system power supply with monitoring full

ZTE ZXDU68 B301 system is a 9U height, 19-inch width embedded DC power system. The system can provide power to -48 V series communication equipments. When fully configured, the system is equipped with six ZXD3000 rectifiers and can provide a rated output current of 300A.


High efficiency module with peak efficiency up to 96.3%, in the sleep mode, the output power of the rectifier is lower than 4W.

80V AC~300V AC wide input voltage, high adaptive to poor grid to protect battery.

The system can be remotely managed through a computer installed with Web explorer anywhere if Ethernet is available.

 Managing Data in Batches Users can set the parameters in batches, copy records and upgrade programs via a USB disk.

QUY shortcuts of rectifier, convenient to fast query and fault location.

Provide dry contact、RJ45、RS232、RS485、USB interface.

Parameters Description

Model Type : ZXDU68 B201(V5.0R11M03)

Rectifier module ZXD3000 (V5.5), 4 maximum

Monitoring unit : CSU518B02

AC input : Input type / three-phase five-wire (L1/L2/L3/N/PE)

Input voltage range : 80V AC ~ 300V AC

Frequency : 45Hz~66Hz

Input power factor : ≥0.99  (30%~100% load)

AC SPD : Imax=40 kA

DC output : Output voltage : -53.5 V (-42V ~ -58V adjustable)

Output power : 12kW (with rated load)

System efficiency : ≥95.5% (peak efficiency); ≥94.5%(at rated load);

Load distribution : LLVD1+ BLVD; 9p at most (Actual configuration is subject to the specified contract.)

Battery distribution : 3 × 100 A/1P MCBs

DC SPD : Imax=15 kA

ZTE Corporation

Embedded 48V DC Power System

ZXDU68 B301

Product CategoryDC Power Systems
Product NumberZXDU68 B301
Product NameEmbedded 48V DC Power System
Form FactorRack Mount
Operating Temperature-40 to 75 C (-40 to 167 F)
TypeComputer Power Supply




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