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Huawei ETP4890 Embedded DC Power System ETP4890-A2 Supply


Huawei ETP4890 Embedded DC Power System ETP4890-A2 Supply

Basic parameters

Rated capacity: 45A/90A

AC input voltage: 85-300 VAC, rated voltage: 220 VAC

AC input frequency: 45-65Hz, rated value: 50Hz/60Hz

Power factor: > 0.99

Output voltage: 42-58 VDC, default output 53.5 VDC

Access Line & Maintenance: Pre-operation and Pre-maintenance

Rectifier module: 15A/30A

Heat Dissipation Mode: Natural Heat Dissipation

Installation: 19-inch rack, 21-inch rack or embedded cabinet installation

Protection Level: IP20

Environmental indicators

Operating Temperature: -40 ~+70 Temperature

Working humidity: 5%-95%(no condensation)

Altitude: 0-4000m (in the range of 2000-4000m, the temperature index decreases by 1 C for every 200 m increase)

AC Distribution

AC input mode: 380V three-phase/220VAC single-phase/110V double-fire line

AC output: not involved

AC input lightning protection: not involved

DC Distribution

Battery branch: 1 x 80A open

Load branch BLVD: 1 x 10A open, 1 x 32A open, 2 x 40A open

Load Protection Branch LLVD: Not involved

Monitoring Unit

Perfect Battery Management Battery Floating Charge Management Battery Temperature Compensation

Real-time alarm light/LCD

System Control Rectifier Module Voltage/Current Adjustment Rectifier Module Switcher Controls Battery Turn on and Off

Sleep management, according to the load size, automatically adjust the sleep mode of rectifier module, reduce energy consumption

Remote monitoring

Support dry contact alarm output (optional signal transfer box)

Support RS232/RS485/Ethernet

Default configuration:

Input: 100-120V/200-240V

Output: 48V; 90A

Rectifier module: R4830G1/R4830N2     3PCS

Monitoring Module SMU01C 1PCS

Apply to: Huawei/Fiberhome/ZTE OLT 

Product Features 

• Rectifier module meets CE, TUV and UL standards

• High rectifier efficiency over 96% helps to save energy, derated output above 55℃;

• Small size, high power density

• Wide range AC input voltage

• Perfect module dormancy function

• Perfect battery management function

• The system module supports non-destructive hot-swap Technology

• Smooth capacity expansion

• Remote monitoring function

Embedded Power System ETP4890-A2 90A Subrack Composed by 3xR4830G 1xSMU01C, 110V~220V AC input.

Supports a wide voltage range of 85 V AC to 300 V AC.

Maximum output power: 4800W

4 load max 90A, 1 port BATT max 80A

2U height

Provides comprehensive battery management.

Supports SMU01A, SMU01B, SMU01C Monitor module.

SMU01A supports WebUI remote management and SNMP.

SMU01B can connect to the U2000 over Huawei master/slave protocols.

Displays information on a LCD and provides buttons for operations.

Supports electronic labels.

Rectifiers and the site monitoring unit (SMU) are hot-swappable.

Allows high-efficiency and standard-efficiency rectifiers with the same capacity to coexist.

Apply for Huawei OLT, Huawei OSN, Huawei Router and Huawei Switch.

Embedded Power System ETP4890-A2-90A can convert from 220V or dual-wire of 110V into telecom grade -48V DC output. It has three rectifier slots, can support R4830G and R4815N, three R4830G rectifiers are configured by default. Monitor SMU01A, SMU01B, SMU01C are also supported, only SMU01A provides WebUI and implements remote unattended management. Embedded Power System ETP4890-A2-90A can apply to Huawei OSN8800 OSN3500 MA5800, which provides excellent performance such as intelligent battery management, remote monitoring, etc.





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