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Huawei Cabinet TP48300T-N20A7 Power System

Huawei Cabinet TP48300T-N20A7 Power System


Huawei 48V 300A high frequency communication power supply cabinet TP48300T-N20A7


Huawei Power System TP48300T-N20A7 Specifications

Size 600mm (width) × 600mm (depth) × 2000mm (height) (up to 2200mm height with frame)

Cabinet color Pantone 428C

Weight ≤150kg (without rectifier)

Cooling method Natural heat dissipation

Installation method Anti-static floor installation, ground installation

Cable routing: free entry and exit from top to bottom

Maintenance method Support maintenance, support leaning against the wall (distance from the wall ≥ 100mm)

Protection etc. IP20

Input system 220/380VAC three-phase four-wire compatible with 220VAC single-phase

Input voltage 85VAC~300VAC

Input frequency 45~66Hz, rated value: 50Hz/60Hz

Input circuit breaker ATS 63A/3P×2

AC lightning protection Nominal lightning discharge current 20kA, lightning discharge current 40kA, 8/20μs

AC output 32A/2P×2, 16A/1P×3

DC power distribution product function

Second power off: 63A/1P×4 (MCB), 32A/1P×4 (MCB)

Secondary power off: 32A/1P×3 (MCB), 16A/1P×7 (MCB), 10A/1P×3 (MCB), 6A/1P×3 (MCB)

Output voltage –42VDC~-58VDC, rated value: 53.5VDC

Battery fuse 160A×2

DC lightning protection differential mode 10kA/common mode 20kA, 8/20μs

Rectifier Configurable with 6 R4850N6 or R4850G2 rectifier module




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