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Huawei ETP48400-C3B2 ETP48400-C3B1 Embedded Power System

Huawei ETP48400 Embedded DC Power System
ETP48400-C3B2 ETP48400-C3B1


Huawei ETP48400-C3B2 Embedded DC Power System Supply ETP48400-C3B1

The ETP48400-C3B1 are embedded power systems that convert AC power into DC power. They supply -48 V or -57 V constant voltage to telecommunication equipment. The maximum capacity of the ETP48400-C3B1 is 24 kW, and the maximum capacity of the ETP48400-C3B2 is 18 kW. They apply to 5G sites as well as capacity expansion and reconstruction of existing sites. The intelligent power distribution unit DCDB48-200-16B/DCDB48-200-16B-XXX and lead-acid battery box DCDB48-400-4C are optional components.

ETP48400-C3B1 is a new type of embedded power supply developed by Huawei.

Architecture design, small size, high power density (capacity up to 24kW, 3U height), power distribution

It can be modularly expanded, with features such as convenient installation and maintenance, full digitalization, and full intelligence, suitable for

Used for capacity expansion and reconstruction of existing wireless sites, new 3G/4G wireless sites, and new 5G wireless sites

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