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Huawei ETP48400-C9A3 Embedded Power System

Huawei ETP48400-C9A3 Embedded DC Power System Supply


Huawei ETP48400-C9A3 Embedded DC Power System Supply

Huawei ETP48400-C9A3 embedded power system features:

1. 85~300VAC ultra-wide AC voltage input range;

2. The working temperature range of the rectifier module is -40~75℃;

3. Support hot-swap technology, easy installation, and maintenance;

4. Standard installation structure design, strong versatility;

5. The structure of the power supply is compact, saving space and saving installation costs;

6. The efficiency of the rectifier module is over 96%, saving energy and reducing emissions;

7. Perfect module sleep function to further improve system efficiency;

8. Intelligent battery management and battery protection to prolong battery life;

9. Support environmental supervision, and realize remote management through dry contact, serial port, or network interface.




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