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Emerson NetSure 701 A41-S3 48V 200A Rectifier Power System

Emerson NetSure 701 A41-S3 48V 200A Rectifier Power System


Vertiv 200A Subrack Netsure701 A41-S3 Embedded Power System

NetSure501 A41 and NetSure701 A41 embedded power systems are highly reliable, fully digital communication power systems that offer high power density and high performance. Developed by Emerson Network Power based on many years of development and network operating experience, these solutions meet the network requirements of 3G, FTTx, data communication equipment, transmission equipment and access equipment.This system is compatible with multiple types of high frequency switching mode rectifier modules developed by Emerson. Each includes a rectifier redundancy energy saving function that combines HE (high efficiency) and SE (standard efficiency) rectifiers in one system. It has perfect surge protection features on the AC and DC sides and on signal interfaces, making it particularly suitable for supplying power to outdoor BTS cabinets and outdoor equipment rooms.




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